About Us



Our company produce complex and sophisticated sheet metal reshaping tools, which find its application in a highly demanding automotive industry. Thanks to the high-performance machines we have, we make 250 to 300 tons of tool steel per year, and our largest tools available on the market are 3000x1600 mm.

Our primary goal is to provide our customers and employees with reliability, security and a positive partnership atmosphere, which is why we are extremely proud of our team that currently counts more than 50 members as well as our trusted customers.


Ivan Sopta

Srećko Slipičević

Production Manager
Email: srecko@iform-tools.com Tel: +387 63 619 003

Faris Hodžić

Production Manager
Email: faris@iform-tools.com Tel: +387 63 187 764

Franjo Lončar

Machining Manager
Email: cnc@iform-tools.com Tel: +387 63 923 964